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Special edition: Building semi pro audio video studio

Like to make professional videos for a small cost? Postings to on-line sites? Dave takes you through the process, shows the results, and gives you the costs.

There’s lots more information you will find as you experiment and may need when selecting and learning  the tools Dave lists.  But you’ll be well on your way to making great videos that will set you apart from all the many podcasters and influencers using just their smartphone camera.

Watch this video.  Take notes if applicable to you.  Remember to add a suitable length mic cable if selecting a low impedance (not USB) microphone.  Most mics will come with a small desk stand. Consider a $15 desktop boom stand as shown in the video. In any case, you’ll use your desktop computer and a supplied USB cable for both audio and video into the computer.

Why list the more expensive microphone, the EDGE go? You will hear some of the special reasons for this option. In the video I forgot to mention that this mic can alter its patters to include cardiod for podcast or influencer speakers and single singers, bi-directional for two-person interviews or dual singers, and Omni directional for multiple speakers or singers, and which can include audience or room sounds if needed…

Have fun pasting in scenes or video clips to put you in an environment that illustrates your blog or posting to YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other media outlets.  Save the cost of professional vidiographers.

And let me know if this occasional deviation from the norm to teach about tools and procedures works for you.


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