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Dave Berkus is the ultimate resource and final authority when it comes to business, investing, and corporate governance – to mention a few. Dave’s knowledge and experience is priceless. Working with him and learning from him never ends.
J.J. Richa
Managing Director, Trenchant Ventures, LLC.
Intelligent, articulate, engaging, and free from ego with the ability to command a room without having to raise his voice…Dave sets a strong example. What a privilege it is to work with and learn from him.
Stewart Roberts
oard of Governors , Tech Coast Angels
Dave was the Chairman of the Board while I was CEO. His wisdom, calm demeanor and deep insights make him an extremely valuable Board member. We worked through several large, complex financings and always got good results. It was a pleasure working with him.
Company whose investment rounds were led by Dave.
I really appreciated Dave’s mentorship and learned an enormous amount from him by observing not only his decisions and judgments, but how he carried himself along the way–always with a great deal of integrity, class and elan. Dave brings an unusual blend of wisdom, born of years of operating and investing experience, and up-to-date insight. He’s deeply engaged and on top of the technologies and current trends affecting the companies and investors he backs.
Paul Work
Founding Chairman of the Investment Committee, ACE Funds created and managed by Dave.
Dave has been a fantastic board member, serving as our Chairman, for over five years. His insight and wisdom have been instrumental in getting us from startup to where we are. I can tell you that last year after hitting a significant speed bump, and the company faced a very difficult time, Dave was there every step of the way, helping with guidance and fund raising, all the while keeping everyone focused and on task. I feel very fortunate that he has and continues to be our Chairman and I know that we can handle whatever comes our way down the road.
Bob Richardson
President, H3 Financial Services, Inc.
Dave is very well connected in the hospitality industry and an excellent person to have on your team when you go to battle. As a member of IP3’s board of directors, he was a great mentor for me in a number of areas including corporate governance, cash flow management, and fundraising.
Mike Lee
CEO and Co-Founder , IP3 Networks
I’ve known David since I began working for GameSpy years ago. He is a man of remarkable vision, experience, and business acumen. His guidance during the formative years of the company’s development was essential to its ultimate success.
Darren Tabor
We are truly honored to have Dave Berkus’s support and guidance for our North American businesses at FCS Thank you sir!
Tony Lee Chee Leong
President, FCS Computer Systems, Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia
What do I think of when I hear Dave Berkus’s name mentioned? Experience, Insight & Integrity… David’s authentic personality simply personifies integrity. I mean, how many venture capitalists or investors do you know that answer their own phone? Time is definitely money, and as a newly minted Entrepreneur, I will never forget David’s willingness to intelligently coach and guide a guy he had just met!
Randy Price
Chief Marketing Officer, Technologist, Innovator and Digital Strategist, Net Promoter of CX, UX, Mobile
Your leadership, mentoring, and successes are legendary. You inspire me every day!
Chris Dyer
CEO, PeopleG2, – author of “The Power of Company Culture.”
Thank you for the insights into your experiences with business. The information you provide is GOLDEN, and what I most appreciate is the integrity you have as the prerequisite to spending your time to disseminate the invaluable knowledge learned through your experience, virtually free to the general public no less! I read your weeklies and now have my managers reading them as well.
Russ Gardner
CEO Mobile Storage Solutions
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the many shared tidbits that truly make a difference in the way I think about the people I work with, how I treat them, how I celebrate the small victories as well as the larger one and how I constantly thrive to be the best person I can be. Your wisdom is truly inspiring and I thank you for making time, as you continue to do and have done for so many years, to share.
Kimberly Valentine
Los Angeles Philharmonic Director, Leadership Gifts
I have known and worked with Dave for about twenty years. We first met at Tech Coast Angles (TCA) of which I am a founder. I have found that besides being extremely organized Dave has an uncanny ability evaluating early stage and evolving businesses. Besides making personal TCA investments Dave organized a TCA sponsored fund (ACE) which provided our members the ability to invest in a host of companies presenting to the TCA. Dave managed the ACE fund extremely effectively and economically. Eventually three ACE funds were created, with all having the potential of providing investors a decent return.
Frank Singer
Principal at Singer Holdings
I am grateful for your thoughtful mentorship, let alone teachings, books, blogs that have been instrumental to me and a generation of entrepreneurs well beyond SoCal and the Valley.
Feyzi Fatehi,
CEO and founder, Corent Technology, Inc.
In reviewing all of Dave’s many titles (and accomplishments) listed in his profile, I’m pleased to say that I have know him in virtually all of them, particularly as the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the ABL Organization, of which I am president. For over 20 years it’s been my honor to sit in monthly Round Tables with Dave as he has actively participated with the other CEOs in the give-and-take of these high level discussions, sharing his impressive business experience and expertise. In the process, Dave has helped literally hundreds of CEOs build successful technology businesses, as they’ve applied his sage suggestions.
Mimi Grant
President , ABL Organization
I love your stuff, your thinking, and the impact you’ve had, especially on early-stage investing and valuation to help people get it right. Because of your work my students get a more actionable framework for understanding how their activities build value into startups (or frankly whatever organizations they join). Keep going. Please.
Craig E. Armstrong, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, University of Alabama
I truly admire and respect what Dave’s done with entrepreneurs and for the technology community over these past years.
Stephanie Yanchinski
former Manager, CalTech/MIT Enterprise Forum
Dave was a tremendous board member at myShape. He brings his financial and business acumen, passion, creativity and vast entrepreneurial experience and helps with an open mind. I feel very fortunate that he has taken an interest in myShape and has been very helpful in mentoring me in my role as CEO and with the fund raising process.
Louise Wannier
ormer CEO , MyShape
Mr. Berkus has been an incredible resource for our company and for my personal development as a CEO. His insights and candor about the technology business in terms of strategic planning, funding, and valuation are tremendous.
Kevin Perkins
CEO Skweezer, Inc.
I have worked with David for close to 25 years. In that time David has proven to be a man of his word. He has the highest ethics that anyone could wish for. Dave’s insight has proven to be right on target in every business venture. A man for all reasons and seasons.
Les Spielman
President HACL Consulting
Dave was one of the very early technology providers that I had the privilege of partnering with during my early years at Sonesta Hotels. As a technology pioneer Dave was able to identify customer needs and deliver appropriate solutions. Before and since the days of CLS Dave continues to have a knack for discovering and supporting leading edge technologies, and share his experiences with audiences of all kinds and sizes. One could not ask for a better partner in business!
Jules Sieburgh
Former International President, HFTP Organization
I love your Berkonomics posts. I only wish my professors had used your book as our text book in my economics courses. You have the wonderful ability to make complex concepts relateable to our everyday lives. I try to incorporate your concepts into my business dealings both as a senior managing consultant with a Fortune 100 company and as a small business owner of a web design and marketing firm.
Diane Scott
MP Senior Managing Consultant, IBM Global Services
Your business generosity and ethics are far beyond anything I have ever experienced and I’m very impressed and appreciative of you and your lessons. The idea of being able to take care of those who help you reach a huge goal, or making sure the small guys get to enjoy their investment return the same as the last money in is amazing to hear from someone like you. It has been difficult staying true to my concept and my investors, and today it’s refreshing to find someone who holds so much respect from others in the world of investing to actually acknowledge and support people like me that truly never do it for the money. I look forward to being able to share the love like you do. Thank you for all you do and are!
Cricket Lee
CEO, FitLogic, Inc.

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