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  • Revolutionary – but too late?      07/18/2024
    Too many startup businesses, especially in the technology world, are built upon brand new concepts that have not yet been proven in the field against products from other companies that already have revenues flowing.  As a rule, creating a product that does not fit into an existing space, cannot be defined against one or more […]
  • Can you be liked while being tough? 07/11/2024
    Does a “good heart” diminish the chances of success? The post Can you be liked while being tough? appeared first on Official website of Dave Berkus.
  • Startup intoxication! 07/03/2024
    Starting a new business is an exciting experience, fueled by personal savings and loved ones' support. Early signs of success are intoxicating - new customers and media mentions add to the feeling of accomplishment. With newfound freedom to make independent decisions, the newly minted entrepreneur enjoys positive thoughts and great outcomes. Shopping for supplies is […]
  • Find your rock in Ensenada! 06/27/2024
    Have you found your special place to think strategically without interruption?  I found mine on a rock in Ensenada, Mexico years ago… But I am ahead of myself… Every entrepreneur has that moment of truth – the one that marks the decision to take the path to entrepreneurship or the path to job security with […]
  • Ever receive worthless advice? 06/20/2024
    Ever get bad advice? Sure. We all have in our past. Ever take that advice without question because the person giving it was an investor, a superior in rank, the chairperson of your board?  I’ll bet you have at least one story of bad advice taken and being bitten as a result. Reaching back for […]
  • Should you find a business coach? 06/13/2024
    Does this resonate with you? The CEO position can be a lonely place, especially when you find yourself in a position of not being able to bring an issue directly to the board and not wanting to explore solutions with associates within the company. Sign of weakness? This sometimes happens when a person is unwilling […]
  • I’ve been sued as a board member. 06/06/2024
    I’ve been sued as a board member too many times over the past twenty-five years of board service.  Five times. Does that shock you?  It does me. What’s the exposure? Here are some examples: Entrepreneurs blaming their board for failures of a fragile, early-stage company.  Shareholders unhappy over the same loss, reaching out to sue […]
  • Are you expecting too much from your board? 05/30/2024
    Expect a board member to give a meeting a month, emails and phone calls between.  Urgent issues require more of all. Of course this is a tricky question. You might expect the answer to be “as much as necessary” or “more during emergencies” or “usually just at scheduled meetings.” But board members are usually busy […]
  • How do you pay an early-stage board? 05/23/2024
    Give one percent equity to each outside board member vesting over two to four years of service. Many early-stage CEOs and board members have asked for some guidance regarding pay and time commitments for board members.  Here is my best advice, based upon many boards and many years.  Pay early-stage board members of companies that […]
  • No surprises! Good advice for all of us. 05/16/2024
    First, keep your manager or board informed regularly. Most all leaders new to their position underestimate this time requirement.  It is good for the company when you share concerns, threats and opportunities with your superiors or your board.  The rule of “no surprises” works well for your longevity.  But there are always surprises. The rule […]

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