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BERKONOMICS book and workbook now available.

I am happy to announce the availability of BERKONOMICS in book channels worldwide, including the eBook edition from Amazon.

Purchase either for yourself or for an entrepreneur, board member or executive of a growing business. This book and workbook contain all the material from the BERKONOMICS emails and blogs and much more.

Organized into eleven chapters from start-up through a sale of the company with focus upon growth of the enterprise, the unique combination of book and workbook helps ensure the success of a growing business by providing insights and tools to those who are responsible for building business value. The workbook becomes a personal journal for entrepreneurs and executives to apply the lessons of BERKONOMICS for their own business enterprise, helping business-builders sharpen their message, create value and avoid pitfalls. The book contains over fifty stories of entrepreneurs who have done it right or from whose mistakes we can learn.

Here are easy-to-folow links to find more information and order copies in the form just right for your use, or as gifts to others:

BERKONOMICS hard cover with author signature ($30.00 your cost, $37.50 list)
– Hard cover is available only from the Berkonomics crew

Soft cover book ($20.00 your cost, $24.95 list) direct from the crew

Workbook direct from the crew ($15.00 your cost, $19.95 list)

Soft cover from the Amazon bookstore ($24.95)

Workbook from the Amazon bookstore ($19.95)

Amazon KINDLE eBook edition ($9.95)

Soft cover from Barnes & Noble Booksellers ($24.95, members $22.45)

Workbook from Barnes & Noble Booksellers ($19.95, members $17.95)

(All editions subject to tax and/or postage as appropriate)



  • Leo Nacelli

    That is great to hear Dave… I am buying on this weekend!

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